•     1.    Desire
    •     2.    Get Mine (Live)
    •     3.    Lock and Key
    •     4.    Love Like a Loaded Gun
    •     5.    All Yours
    •     6.    Not A Girl to Keep
    •     7.    Kiss and Tell
    •     8.    Cabin Fever
  • Available on: January 17th 2014

    Album: Time, You're Doing Fine

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    April 6, 2012

    Album: Punches and Hugs

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  • Laniece Schleicher (Mama Lenny)

    Lead Vocals

    Laniece Schleicher, once known as Laniece Micek, goes by: Mama Lenny.

    Singing has always been a part of Laniece’s life; Whether with friends, in her car, around the piano with her sister or in swing choir, her love for music has always been present. At an open mic in Lincoln, Nebraska;

    After randomly singing along to a Beatles tune, her life changed forever when she was asked to join the local band, Magnificent 7/Electric Soul Method. After that moment, she would sing with anyone that would have her, and learned from many great local musicians including: Josh Hoyer, Jeremiah Weir, Sean Benjamin and Magic Slim. After settling down in Colorado with her husband and kiddos, there weren’t many opportunities for her to sing in public, until her friends the Kris Lager Band passed through on tour. On an October night, she joined them on stage and was heard by Ben and Ken, who promptly asked her to form a band with them. That was the night that Mama Lenny and the Remedy was born. Laniece has recorded on over a dozen albums of numerous genres from country to hard rock, and still loves to sing with anyone that will let her.

  • Ben Prytherch


    Ben currently is working on his Masters in Statistics at Colorado State University, and is an active member of the local music scene.

  • Kenneth Monks


    Birthplace/Birthdate: Hazleton PA 1984

    Day Job(s) Held: Math Professor at Front Range Community College Boulder Campus

    Primary Musical Inspirations: Phish, Grateful Dead, Keller Williams, Allman Brothers, Beatles, Beach Boys, EST, Pat Martino, Django Reinhardt

    Other Musical Projects: Previously the rhythm guitar player for the Pennsylvania band Back Home. (Check them out! They're still going and totally rock! www.reverbnation.com/backhome18201)

    Also frequently appears in lineups of "Stout Studios and Friends", the assemblage of musicians who gather at Darren Raddach's studio!

    Gear: American Standard Strat with a Semour Duncan in the bridge through a Fender Deluxe '65 Reissue. If anyone wants to trade me for their mint vinatge '65 give me a ring.

  • Kelly Keeler

    Backing Vocals

    Born in Nebraska and currently working as a therapist using both art and music to help make the world a better place, but I've also been everything from a bartender to a pre-school teacher. My worst day job would have to be telemarketing, and my favorite job was belly dancing. My dad had crates and crates of records and that our weekend activity consisted of picking records and then just "experiencing the music".

    My favorite music as a kid was Electric Light Orchestra, Dolly Parton, Queen, Olivia Newton John, Rolling Stones and the Beatles white album. Looking back I'd say my inspiration has always been blues (I actually took an entire class on the blues as a freshman in college. As a kid I played the saxaphone, sang in a bunch of choirs through high school and college and taught myself to play the guitar.

    I currently write (and occasionally perform) my own songs outside Mama Lenny. I'd like a little country side project someday and I'd love to learn the dobro as my next instrument.

  • Amanda Ernst

    Backing Vocals

    Amanda currently works at a Dentist's office, and manages a non-profit fundraiser called 'Little Ear Machines' in her spare time. She also sings.

  • Annie Sklar

    Tenor Saxaphone

    Annie Sklar - Tenor Saxaphone

    Born and raised in Central Vermont, Annie came to Colorado in 2015 in search of new musical adventures. She holds a degree in Jazz Composition from Berklee College of Music in Boston, and has worked as a music program recruiter and marketer for Berklee and the University of Northern Colorado School of Music in Greeley. Annie also makes up one half of the Colorado-based music production company Digital Delish.

    Lover of funk, soul, jazz, boogie, disco, all that grooves and especially all that lends itself to sequined costumes.

  • Greta Cornett


    Birthplace/Birthdate: Cumberland, KY March 2nd

    Day Job(s) Held: Musician/Talent Buyer

    Primary Musical Inspirations: Music means everything to me. I feel very luck that I'm able to support myself by doing what I love. I try to give back to my local music scene as much as possible since they have given so much to me.

    Other Musical Projects: (Past and Future) 12 Cents for Marvin, Caleb Riley Funk Orchestra, 3 Twins Broadband

    Gear: Bach Strat 5 Star

  • Crip Erickson


    Day Job(s) Held: Realtor at 8z

    Other Musical Projects: Previously the drummer for the Atoll, and Caleb Riley Funk Orchestra.

    Crip moved to Fort Collins in early 1997 to join the local band The Atoll. Fifty years later he is still in the music scene, having recently joined Mama Lenny and the Remedy. As a new Remedien, he is already feeling right at home and is stoked to start the next musical chapter of his life. In his 'other' life he is a REALTOR with 8z Real Estate and works everyday with investors, sellers and buyers. He is also the proud father of two amazing kids, Lincoln and Anastasia, and husband to his veterinarian wife Stacy. When he's not behind the kit, writing contracts or making PB&Js, you can find him on the racquetball court.